01. There are a couple of good pubs here in town that [brew] their own beer.
02. She [brewed] a fresh pot of coffee for her guests.
03. The witches made a magical [brew] using many secret ingredients.
04. My grandmother used to make us a strong [brew] of fresh ginger, lemon, and maple syrup to drink when we had a cold.
05. There are more than 1,000 different [brews] of beer which are produced in Great Britain.
06. There is a complex, and dangerous [brew] of chemicals from factories in the waters of the St. Lawrence River.
07. The Guinness [Brewery] in Ireland produces a delicious, dark beer.
08. Japanese sake is made from [brewed] rice, water, and malt, and is around 16% alcohol.
09. There's trouble [brewing] at work; a number of people are trying to get our boss fired.
10. Dave [brews] his own beer at home in order to save money.
11. People in Nigeria have been [brewing] beer for over 8,000 years.
12. Historians agree that New Zealand's first beer was [brewed] in 1773 by English explorer Captain Cook, who used tea leaves and spruce in the recipe.
13. Of all the major [brewing] nations, England remains the only one in which ale is the primary beer consumed. This is in contrast to lager, which is the world's overall dominant beer style.
14. The first beer [brewed] in England was made by the Picts about 250 B.C.
15. There's an old song that goes, "I feel no pain, dear mother, now but oh! I am so dry! Oh, take me to a [brewery], and leave me there to die."
16. Industries along the river continue to pour dangerous waste into the water, producing a toxic [brew] that has killed all the fish in the area downstream.
17. A style of beer known as India Pale Ale is so named because it was [brewed] by the English spice traders during the sea journey to India.
18. Our golden [brew] of green tea yields an exotic, refreshing, fragrant flavor.
19. The Dogon people of Mali [brew] a strong beer called "kojo."
20. Cider is [brewed] from apples, and is often quite sweet.
21. In the final stage at the [brewery], the beer is packaged in bottles, kegs, or cans.
22. Studies show that Canadians spend $2.3 billion annually on [brewed] coffee.
23. Some years ago, the Newcastle [Brewery] in England made 1,000 bottles of Tutankhamun Ale from a 3,200-year old recipe found in the temple of Queen Nefertiti.

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